0x3302 Layer 2 Protocol Error? Fix It Immediately

It’s worth reading these fix recommendations if you’re getting error code 0x3302 Layer 2 Protocol Error.

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    shutdown Cause ISDN –#include ISDN physical channel reason codes



    Typedef isdnWord_t Parameters isdnReason_t;


    inISDN Reason provide error informationrequest for clarificationConnection.


    The following trip reasons are valid codes:

    0x0000: normal deletion, cause unknown
    0x3301: Level 1 project error
    0x3302: process level 2 error
    0x3303: process level error 3
    0x3304: Another application received this call; to seeISDN_LISTEN.ISDN_REQ(D7isdn)
    0x3400: DisconnectCause caused by network
    0x00ff: important information about the reason for the element, 4) (byte inISDN_REASON_NET is initially obtained from the network according toto Q.(D4isdn),Introduction 931


    Introduction (D7isdn)June 19, 2005
    © SCO 2005 Inc. Group. All rights reserved.
    OpenServer 6 and (SVR5) unixware HDK June 2005

    Congratulations on purchasing usrobotics PCI Card ISDN ta. Innovative Technology implementedi in addition to their ISDN PCI Card TA, opens up new horizons in results report Additional information about USRobotics is undoubtedly available in:

    Product Description

    With the ISDN PCI Card TA, you can connect to the ISDN network via a PC. He uses fantastic S0 interface that establishes a connection through each of our basic ISDN connections closed cable.

  • Microsoft Networking remote (mini WAN port)
  • CAPI (Common Application Programming Interface)
  • Presentation

    This readme describes how to install and use USRobotics. ISDN PCI (TA) card terminal adapter, and other information contains ISDN. also use your ISDN PCI Card TA card for work programs.

    If the complete readme. file (information about the txt file is located in the installation folder CD-ROM) is different from the resources found in the manual, follow the instructions in some readme.txt file.

    Typographic Conventions

    The following tables discuss the font characters and conventions used. Documents.


    Notification typeleniya



    Basic functions with notes


    Hazard information for important ingredients



    Variant in bold

    Used for total concentration

    CAPI Department

    CAPI panel support is not available in Windows NT 4.0.

    Preparing the CAPI string shows the connection status of the two ISDN B circuits. located on the Windows taskbar. of Each of the two B channels is actually represented by a color channel. similar Dot to LED.

    0x3302 protocol error layer 2

    Red – no activity, no connection

    Green – the connection is established.

    0x3302 protocol error layer 2

    To exit the CAPI panel diagram, Right-click one of the two LEDs, then click Done.

    To automatically launch the CAPI program on the taskbar each time Windows starts, copy to the CAPI Tray workout icon to the Windows autorun folder.Readabilitydatatable=”0″>

    Feedback Checker

    The Feedback Checker is not available in Windows NT 4.0.

    The loopback program is a simple program to test a PCI ISDN card. and ta your ISDN access.

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  • Step 1: Download and install Restoro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

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