How To Fix Active Sync Error 80072f17?

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    You may encounter active sync error 80072f17. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem and we will talk about them in a minute.

    WM2002_2003_Error WM_5_Error Possible_Cause Possible_Solution User Action Not applicable 85002000 Device other processes as well as memory after even closing the platform. Also delete unnecessary files via mail from the device. Not applicable 85002001 An unknown sync application error has occurred on the device. Please try again later. DEV_1 85002002 Memory-attached device timed out even after the system has terminated other processes. Delete unnecessary files and emails from the device c.Device dev_2 85002003 The specific file timed out waiting to establish a port with the server. Please try again later. Verify that the device can surf the web.
    Also check the value in the following key:
    registry DEV_3 85002004 User hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesmassyncparametersexchtimeoutthreshold manually stopped syncing from device. Try again. DEV_6 85002007 The actual sync failed due to a problem on the real server, but the device did not receive any unique error codes (or other unknown web errors) caused by the server. Make sure the server is available and the mobile is securely synced with the device, try again later. Make sure my real server name has been entered for some time. Error dev_7 85002008 An error occurred while ActiveSync was sending a text message about the properties to the data source object on the device (element error). Try again. DEV_8 85002009 The sync key data on the accessory is invalid due to a failed knowledge deletion. Try again. The user may need to deselect to sync calendar data (Inbox, Contacts, Tasks) and select the company again to reset the sync key.not dev_9 8500200a The contact may have been established because important information about the server or user credentials is missingla. Then click “Recommendations” and the “Servers” tab to make sure the name of your remote server is correct. click Then to make sure you entered the correct user information and try again Check the server information as well as the device credentials. DEV_11 8500200C The device will not properly complete the send/receive process after the user requests this stop sync. Force app sync to device, help you close device dev_12 8500200d Timed out waiting for user response. Try again. Crash dev_13 8500200e on the machine it will not be visible to any user. DEV_14 8500200F Waiting response from server timed out. Make sure your server is available and try again later. Not applicable 85002010 The last device error should be displayed. HTTP 85010000 Project error occurred or http unknownth link.device This is Make sure you can actually surf the web. HTTP_400 85010001 Invalid HTTP syntax or protocol detected for communication. HTTP_401 85010002 Unauthorized HTTP connection was used or protocol is not authorized. OR TO
    – –
    Unable to connect to sync server due to authentication failure. Check connection configuration.
    – OR –
    Access denied. Check your title server and password in ActiveSync options The credentials provided to the system are incorrect, or you definitely have sync enabled, or your security password has expired. User Response:
    1. On the device, go to ActiveSync, Tools, Check server, the correct mention of the server. Click “Advanced” and check the username, password and global information. Also contact your administrator to make sure you are ready to sync See Troubleshooting and fixing ActiveSync HTTP server error codes HTTP_402 85010003 For withpayment via HTTP is still required. HTTP_403 85010004 The prohibited HTTP communication protocol was used. OR

    Your – account is far from being allowed to sync with some current settings. Contact your administrator for Exchange milliseconds. Remove item from sync list.
    1. The Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directory website on your server is configured to use SSL, and you are creating a non-SSL device.
    2.The Exchange virtual directory on both your servers is configured to use SSL.
    3. Obviously this error can occur when host headers are used and the request is sent to the wrong website.
    1. A. On your Pocket PC 2003 device, click “Start”, “ActiveSync”, “Tools”, “Options”, “Server” and check the box “Website connection uses SSL”.
    2. On a 2003 smartphone, click Start, ActiveSync, Menu, Options, Server Settings, Connection, and check “This core server uses an SSL connection.”
    3.Make sure the headers that the runtimes are set up correctly.
    4. Also see Microsoft article KB 817379 forLearn more about Exchange directory mail customization.
    5. See the error message when trying to sync from a mobile app with Exchange Server 2003: “HTTP_403”
    6.XCSI /PRE Cannot /e2k3/ synchronize with Exchange devices using Active Sync HTTP_404 85010005 The object was not necessarily found via HTTP communication protocol.
    -OR the server that is synchronizing with the customer is not an essential Exchange ActiveSync server or has incompatible software. Specify the correct server in the ActiveSync settings. what Check if the object exists, then try again. If this error occurs again, the item will be removed from the sync list. The method in the specified server name resolves to the IP address of a server that does not have Exchange installed.
    1. name Check the DNS server configuration as well.
    2. See Troubleshooting ActiveSync HTTP Server Error Codes

    . HTTP_405 85010006 Method not certified for use with HTTP communication or protocol. HTTP_406 85010007 No acceptable answer. To make sure continue that HTTP client or communication protocol found.

    http_407 85010008 HTTP communication requires proxy verification. Check your proxy and try recording the track again. Register username and password as a proxy server in Pocket Internet Explorer when visiting the wide web. Applies to Isa 2000 servers.
    active sync error 80072f17

    PC running slow?

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • Download this software now to increase your computer's security.

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