Fix Alsamixer Cannot Open Mix Permission Denied

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    If alsamixer doesn’t have permission to open the mixer on your PC, these instructions might help.

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    alsamixer cannot open mixer permission denied

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    I have exactly the same problem. The sound worked fine under Windows 7, but unfortunately not under Kubuntu 04/14. After thousands of days of searching the internet and using all kinds of advice I came across, I found one solution, Which helped me the most. No, you really need to reinstall Ubuntu.

    I first tried to uninstall and use all ALSA packages

      sudo returns apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio 
      sudo apt-get use alsa-base pulseaudio 
      sudo alsa force-reload 

    I write that ALSA turned off the main sound type by default after installing it. So I tried to re-enable it using the alsamixer command. Unfortunately this also works due to the Invalid Argument error.

    The store continued and I came across a website that was still showing up in search results but ignored it. It mentioned content, some of which was named .asoundrc . I searched for available ones but couldn’t find a better one on the system. Another website said that you have to create it manually ( /home/username/.asoundrc for the current user only, / etc / asound or .conf if you like, do you want most of it to remain for all user settings) and contain the following content:

      pcm.! default    type hw    Map 0ctl.! Standard    type  hw    Bank card 0 

    After that, I was completely ready to open Alsamixer . However, the browser was empty and did not display the volume settings as expected. Then I have a list of my sound notes cards with

    . open

      cat / proc / asound / maps 

    alsamixer cannot open mixer permission denied

      0 [Generic]: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic                     Generic HD-Audio on 0xf0344000 irq 281 [Generic_1]: HDA-Intel - Generic HD-Audio                     Standard HD-Audio at 0xf0340000 irq 16 

    Map 2 is installed by default for the entire .asoundrc file mentioned above. I played around with it and changed 0 to 1 . Alsamixer immediately showed me the volume settings I needed. The main channel is disabled by default, the ALSA documentation Fix Alsamixer Kan Inte öppna Mix Godkännande Nekad
    Risolto Il Problema Con Alsamixer Che Non Poteva Aprire Include Permesso Negato
    Correção De Alsamixer Não Pode Abrir Aceitação De Mix Negada
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    Fix Alsamixer Kan Mixtoestemming Niet Openen Geweigerd
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