Troubleshooting Bowflex Pedal Climber TC1000 Error Codes

In this guide, we’ll point out some of the possible causes that can lead to error codes on the Bowflex Pedalclimber tc1000, and then we’ll point out possible repair methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    Can you jog on a Bowflex TreadClimber?

    Can you run the TreadClimber theme? No, TreadClimber is not designed to work. It’s literally designed to be a great workout while walking.

    Do not use the model for training purposes without completing the calibration (TC3000 / 5000)

    It is important to set (TC3000 / 5000) or check the speed mode (TC1000) after

    Power outage or after most repairs or replacements of electrical equipment. Failure to follow this procedure

    Previous use may result in damage to the machine and possible injury.

    Do not stand on the treadmill while calibrating or checking the speed sensor. During

    Complete the process, whether on the footrest pages or on the side car.

    Speed ​​sensor Test (TC1000 Only)

    19-1 Plug in the yellow safety sign, plug the power cord into the huge wall

    and turn on the reddish power switch on the back.

    How to calibrate a bowflex TreadClimber?

    Plug the power cord into a power outlet.Sit on or near the side stands.Press and hold POWER and SLOWER.Insert the electronic key.Release the POWER and SLOWER buttons.Press the START / STOP button to start calibration.Calibration may take about 30 seconds.

    19-2 On the left you see the car, activate the start /

    Let 19-3 devices run for at least 15 seconds

    How do I fix my Bowflex TreadClimber?

    Remove the Bowflex TreadClimber and coat the area under each strip with a light coat of grease. Plug in the machine and run the tapes at the lowest speed available on the market for fifteen to thirty seconds. Rotate Bowflex TreadClimber again and remove excess grease before use.

    19-5 Remove the dongle. The belts should slow down to a complete stop.

    bowflex treadclimber tc1000 error codes

    Adjusting the Treadmill
    Adjust the treadmills if they are already off-center enough to cause chafing or scratching. Most likely, the front pulley of each pedal will be adjusted.
    Belt Orientation
    1. Visual – Test Bench Next to the GPS and set your speed to 1.5 mph. Stand in front of the entire unit to see the adjustment mounting screws at each end of the front of each individual roll.

    2. If the belt slips too far to the right, use a 3/16 ”hex wrench to turn all right adjusting screws clockwise one full turn until the belt is perfectly aligned.

    Note. When you tighten, the belt will always be away from the tensioning screw.
    NOTE: Do not turn the screws counterclockwise to adjust the belt alignment. The tightened screws are only turned counterclockwise to reduce the tension on the belt when losing weight.
    3. If the belt also extends far to the left, do the same with the left replacement roller pin.
    4. If our own belts are not working properly, install the rear belt guide kit.

    Do not check the voltage of the treadmill until the treadmill is disconnected from the power source. From the actual center of the belt, a properly tensioned belt can only have flexibility.to an inch. To check this, pay attention to the belt in the center and even measure the distance to the deck of cards. If the distance is more than 1 â (2.5 cm), the tape is loose. To tighten, turn the two set screws half a turn clockwise and check the tension again. Repeat if step is required. When the belt is properly tensioned, loosen (turn counterclockwise) the adjuster mounting screws half a turn and recheck all tension. Repeat as necessary.
    NOTE: Screws are turned counterclockwise only to relieve belt tension. Actually turn the screws counterclockwise to adjust the buckle position.

    Unwanted or correct belt slippage
    A problem with the belt, drive length, or improper lubrication of the head assembly surface can cause the belt to slip or vibrate.
    Perform the analysis below to find the cause:
    1. Stand next to the TreadClimber and set your speed to 2 mph (3.2 km / h).
    2. Grasp the steering wheel to guide you, and depress the pedal sufficientlyforce so that the belt does not move. If the entire roller still rolls over the back of most pedals, adjust the treadmill. When the curlers stop, adjust the drive belt.
    Adjust the walking belt:
    1. Turn the tension adjusting screws on each side of the specified front 3/16 ”hex roller to adjust the belt tension.
    2. Turn each available adjusting screw clockwise half a step to actually tighten the belt.
    3. Restart the machine after every half-turn of adjustment to check if the belt is slipping.
    4. If necessary, repeat these steps. several obstacles and read the “Adjusting the Drive Belt” section.
    Adjusting the drive belt:
    1. Make sure the shipping pin is removed from the bottom of the machine.

    2. Disconnect the machine from the power source and wait at least 10 minutes.
    3. Remove the left plastic drive to finally access the new V-belt.

    4. Tighten the fan to the motor clamping screw at the frontth part of the corresponding engine by half a turn.

    bowflex treadclimber tc1000 error codes

    The belt should be taut, with a deviation of 1/8 to 1/2 when pressed in the middle. Carefully turn the
    strap in the middle. He should turn 90 steps (vertically), no more.

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  • Calibration (TC3000 and TC5000 only)
    TreadClimber TC3000 and TC5000 models still need to be calibrated after replacing a component such as a belt or motor, or after a power failure.
    Calibrating TC3000 and TC5000 is an important part of maintenance and troubleshooting.
    1. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the power switch.
    2. Stand on the side steps of the platform or next to the machine. DO NOT INSERT ON THE WALK.
    3. Press and hold the POWER and SLOWER buttons.
    4. Insert the security key.
    Note. If the security key is not fully inserted into the keyhole, the TreadClimber will probably NOT start.
    5. Release the POWER and slow down buttons. TIME should clearly display “CAL”, “PrSS”, “Strt”.
    6. Press the start / stop button to start the most important calibration.
    Note: Run stripesIt stops and stops and the displays are likely to show different numbers related to – Calibration – DO NOT interrupt the calibration.
    7. Calibration takes about 30 seconds. When the calibration is successfully completed, the display will show the message “CAL PASS” or “CAL DONE” along with the TIME display.
    8. Remove the safety key, then reinsert it into the legible displays. During calibration: The LED at the 100 base (30 m) on the TC5000 indicates the belt speed sensor as well as the 1000 ft (305 m) cadence sensor. Some TC3000 models show the measurement probe in the Distance window for the heart and the speed / speed sensor in the SPEED window as a working heart.
    Explanation of Calibration Display Messages
    (for guidance only):
    During calibration, the TIME display shows the status of the normalization process. If there is no message on the TIME tab, other displays will show:
    # HEART RATE (TC5000 only) – Indicates the state of a specific motor control relay.
    # ON means that most of the power is supplied to the relay, it is on and energizes the motor l.
    # OFF This means that the motor control relay is off and the motor is not activated. CALORIES / CAL
    # PER MIN – shows the version of a large number of software.
    # TIME – will probably display text about mental autocalibration (“d0nE”, “Strt”, etc.) or actual pulse width (PWM) and modulation number. PWM is a number that transmits information from the camera about the functions of the base unit directly to the console if the START / STOP button is pressed during calibration, if not MORE FAST SLOWLY.
    # MILES / TOTAL STEPS (DISTANCE / MILES for TC3000) – Displays the entire calibration step by step.
    # SPEED – Displays the actual web speed during the normalize function.

    Does the TreadClimber really work?

    Weight loss When used regularly, TreadClimber can help you lose weight over time. Manufacturers’ law says that if you exercise for 30 minutes at intensity level 5 and the new speed of 3.2 mph, you can burn 321 calories.

    Error Code E1
    (TC 1000 only)
    1. If the stripes go past the visual defect, accelerate the sensor for correct placement. Correct the position if necessary to make sure the transducer cable is securely connected.
    2. Turn the device on and off at the back, then check if the problem persists.
    3. Turn off the device and turn it on again. If the belt does not start, see TC 1000 Belt Does Not Start onSee Mechanical Troubleshooting section.
    4. If the tape starts but stops again and displays an E1 error, update the top console and 49-inch I / O cable.
    5. If the above does not solve the problem, replace the MCB.

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