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    Here are some simple methods that can help you fix your error 0x30a problem.

    It looks like the 802.1x standard has been up and running for over a year, but clients have been unable to verify if they can connect to the AP. Certificates and 802.Connection 1x are distributed free of charge through Group Policy. Internal CA servers are WS2012, clients are mostly Win 7, a some kind of W10. This is a trivial matter, so there is not much evidence.

    Full disclosure: we have one of them Windows 10 Client Far) (so managed to connect today, but 2 other Far) (so failed. I don’t know what to do with it.

    This event is logged when a parent attempt is made on insecure clients:

    Protocol name: Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig / Operational
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig
    Date: 08/12/2016 11:51:57 ID: В В В В on the siteEvent 12013
    Task Category: OneXAuthentication
    Level: Error
    Keywords: (512)
    User: SYSTEM
    Computer: workstation.domain.local
    802.1x wireless authentication failed.

    Network adapter: Dell Wireless 1502 802.11b / g / n
    Interface GUID: c0f4b343-df4c-401f-ac6a-4d667eb0c070
    Local MAC Address: 64: 27: 37: 47: C7: A5
    EAPSSID Network
    BSS identifier: Type: Infrastruktura
    Node MAC address: 4E: D9: E7: 21: 9E: 12
    Identity: host / COMPUTER.domain.local
    domain: explicit EAP error received
    Error: 0x30a
    EAP Reason: 0x30a
    EAP Root Chain: Windows cannot connect to this network
    There is undoubtedly a problem with the server-specific certificate required for authentication.

    The certificates on the Radius server and leads are valid as per MMC certificates and they check certutil when it comes to -verifystore MY. The certificate that appears in the actual EAP in the NPS policy is also valid, so I don’t know what to do next.

    I report that if anyone else has a problem with the article, they at least have a meaningful solution online. I absolutely do not go to DenverCoder.

    We are using Microsoft NPS for RADIUS and EAP-TLS enables 802.1x authentication for our workstation. I didn’t do the original, but I built a new NPS server so I knew a thing or two about it. Starting with Windows 1709 right after 16299.194, we were getting “explicit EAP errors” when trying to connect.

    I got a quote from Microsoft at the beginning of pIn the last few months after the latest versions were released, and oddly enough, a checkbox that asks users to validate the certificate and recheck it solved the problem for a while. It came back at the end of the year and I asked our support team to download another ticket from Microsoft. They tricked them for months through a concrete nose to become a PA (why they cause a certificate rejection in the first place is inexplicable for a person, and they could never explain part of it). We’ve also hired a third party to research our setup and they’ll come back before anything is found to be wrong.

    error 0x30a

    What ended up with the theft fix is ​​that I created a large, completely separate test environment and was unable to reproduce the problem before. Finally, I exported the RAS / IAS certificates from both NPS servers to Keystore Explorer, looked at them as well, and found that some of the NPS production certificates have a great theme and experience with them. ” DNS course. Replicating the certificate with the DNS subject string resolved your problem as soon as it was applied.

    I spent several months waiting for help from MS, but until recently, I had no intention of delving into accreditation issues. This includes all event logs received by the workstation.

      Failed to take measures to secure the wireless network.Network adapter: Intel (R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260Interface GUID: c997d43f-add5-42d8-ac30-793cd23f13aaLocal address: mac E4: A4: 71: XX: XX: XXNetwork SSID: XXXXXBSS type: InfrastructurePeer Address: PC 00: 24: 6C: XX: XX: XXReason: An explicit EAP error was receivedError: 0x30A05/27/2019 10:07:466105 - Death after EAPOL main trading sequence05/27/2019 10:24:46802.1x wireless authentication failed.Intel (R) Networking: Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260Interface GUID: c997d43f-add5-42d8-ac30-793cd23f13aaLocal MAC Address: E4: A4: 71: A1: 5A: 45Network SSID: XXXXXXBSS type: InfrastructureHost MAC Address: 00: 24: 6C: 29: 6C: 71Identity: host / PCNAMEHERE.domain.localUser:Domain:Reason: An explicit EAP error was receivedError: 0x30AEAP Reason: 0x30AEAP Root Chain: Because Windows cannot connect to this networkThere is a problem with a certificate on the server that is expected to authenticate.EAP error: 0x80420204 

    usually reported by the server if I used the wrong certificate


     Authentication details:Connection Request Policy Name: Use Windows Authentication for Most Users.Network Policy Name: test 2019-03-25Authentication Provider: WindowsAuthentication Server: AzDevNPS01.domain.localAuthentication Type: Microsoft: Type: eapeap smart card or residual certificateAccount Session ID: 35636630316635662F65343A61343A37313A61313A35613A34352F35363532313731Registration results: The accounting information is recorded in the local timber file.Reason error code: 16Reason: Authentication due to mismatch of PC user credentials. Either the name provided by the user does not match your existing account, or the security settings were incorrect. 

    Authentication details

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  •  :Connection Request Policy Name: Use Windows Authentication for All Users.Network Policy Name: test 2019-03-25Authentication Server: AzDevNPS01 Provider: WindowsAuthentication.domain.localAuthentication type: EAPEAP type: Microsoft: smart card or other certificateIdeAccount session identifier: 35636630323030372F65343A61343A37313A61313A35613A34352F35363532313934Log results: The accounting information was written to the local log file. 

    I’m not sure yet if this will help others, and to be honest, I’m not sure if using a fully distinguished name certificate should work, or maybe because this environment hadn’t worked for 4 years before it will be terminated. So something has changed, and I’m not sure if we broke before or broke now. However, using DNS as the subject line fixed the problem.

    Also, heck, defining default settings for a Windows PKI template can be tricky. Everyone just said “leave the settings unchanged” without showing what these settings really are.

    Edit: An image showing the difference in the subject line. https://i.imgur.com/FdNBiX9.png

    Edit 2: I took a screenshot showing how the person’s name was set (left) and how the change was fixed (right). https://i.imgur.com/hVuULSk.png

    error 0x30a

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