Troubleshooting BIOS Interrupt 0x10

In this user guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause BIOS interrupt 0x10 and then provide some possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.

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    DOS and BIOS interrupts are used to perform a number of very useful functions, such as managing data on the monitor, reading personal data from the keyboard, and so on. They are created by specifying the interrupt parameter type, its value stored in a register is AH and provides a bit of additional information needed for a particular policy.

    interrupt 0x10 bios

    INT 10h, INT 10H, or INT 16 is an abbreviation for triggering BIOS interrupt 10hex, the 17th interrupt vector in an x86-based software system. The BIOS usually sets a real mode interrupt handler to this vector, which provides video organization. These services include setting the video mode, outputting characters and strings with graphic primitives (reading and writing p to graphics).Heavy mode).

    To use this check, load AH with the desired subfunction associated with the number, load other required parameters into other registers, and make the call. INT is 10 hours slower, many programs bypass this type of BIOS routine and directly access the Expression hardware. Setting the video type, which is rarely done, may seem like it is done using the BIOS, and drawing graphics on the screen throughout the game must be done quickly, so direct access to video memory is more appropriate than setting up a BIOS call for each individual pixel.

    Also, on a modern x86 BIOS machine, calls can only be made using the real or virtual 8086 mode. v8086 is not a long mode variant. This means that your modern operating system, which always runs in protected mode (32-bit) or long mode (64-bit), is needed if you want to switch to real mode and back to – let’s call it Bios – which especially expensive to run. Although most modern systemsUsually device drivers are used that directly set the video mode, hobbyists cannot have a device driver for each A video card – a situation that also affects older and unsupported CPA networks such as Windows 98. Such labels instead of one can go to a real approach to change video mode and then sketch directly in the framebuffer.

    How do you use INT 10H?

    Functions associated with INT 10H include changing the color of characters or themes, blanking the screen, and positioning the cursor. – Selected by inserting a specific price tag into the AH register. To change the current video mode use INT 10H with AH=00 and AL is the video mode. Text mode 78×25 characters.

    EFI 1.x systems use the EFI UGA process with VESA BIOS extensions (vbe) instead of INT 10H. Replaced UEFI 2.x INT 10H and VBE with UEFI GOP in popular devices.[1][2]

    List Of Supported List Functions

    It has become incomplete; Use Ralph Brown’s list for details. Please add IBM/PC only, otherwise other common standard features. 00h to 0fh – CGA.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

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    Dépannage De L’interruption Du BIOS 0x10
    Устранение неполадок прерывания BIOS 0x10
    Problemen Oplossen Met BIOS Interrupt 0x10
    Resolución De Problemas De Interrupción Del BIOS 0x10
    Fehlerbehebung Bei BIOS-Interrupt 0x10
    BIOS 인터럽트 0x10 문제 해결
    Rozwiązywanie Problemów Z Przerwaniem Systemu BIOS 0x10
    Felsöka BIOS Interrupt 0x10
    Solução De Problemas De Interrupção Do BIOS 0x10
    Risoluzione Dei Problemi Di Interruzione Del BIOS 0x10

    function function code parameters Back
    Set network mode AH=00h AL = video mode AL = On the Internet Mode CRT controller structure flag/byte
    Set cursor shape in text mode AH=01h CH = start of scan line CL, = endscan lines

    Typically, a character cell has about 8 scan lines, from 0 to 7. So CX=0607h is a regular underscore cursor, CX=0007h is a whole block cursor. If the I ch handle is defined, it usually means “hide the cursor”. So, CX=2607h is an invisible cursor.

    Some graphics cards have a 16-line scan, 00h-0Fh.

    For this reason, some video certificates do not use the 5-channel bit. Do with them (e.g. Start>End, e.g. CX=0706h)

    Set cursor position AH=02h BH=page number, DH=row, DL=column
    Save cursor position and shape AH=03h BH = page number AX = 0, CH = study start row, CL = analysis end selection, DH = row, DL = column
    Read light pen position (does not work on VGA systems) AH=04h AH = state (0 = not fired, 1 = fired), BX = pixel X, CH = Y, pixel CX implies pixel row number for formats 0Fh-10h, DH = character Y, DL implies character X
    Select active display page AH=05h AL equals page number
    Scroll window up AH=06h AL = lines and folds to scroll (0 = clear, use CH, CL, DH, DL),

    What is the function of INT 10H with AH 09h?

    INT 10h/AH=09h – construction sign and cursor position attribute.

    BH means background color and foreground color. BH=43h means the background is red and the foreground is blue.Viewing BIOS Color Attributes

    interrupt 0x10 bios

    CH means top row number, CL = left column number, DH = bottom band number, DL = right beam number

    Scroll window down AH=07h as above
    Read character and property at cursor position AH=08h BH side = number AH = color, AL = character
    Write dynamic and attribute at cursor position AH=09h AL stands for characters, side BH=number, BL=color, CX=number for the number of characters to print
    Write character only at cursor position Ah=0Ah AL = character, side BH = number, CX = number of characters to print
    Set background/border color AH=0Bh, BH=00h BL = background/border color (border in create mode only)
    Define palette AH=0Bh, BH=01h BL = palette ID (only valid in CGA, but more(her newer cards support it in many or all graphics modes)
    Write the image pixels AH=0Ch AL=color, side BH is number, CX=x, DX means y
    Reading graphics pixels AH=0Dh Side BH = number, CX = x, DX is y AL = color
    TTY output AH=0Eh AL = character, side BH = number, BL = color (graphic mode only)
    Get the current online mode AH=0Fh AL = video mode, AH refers to the number of character columns, BH refers to the active page
    Change the set of text mode charms[3] AH=11h BH = number of bytes per facet, CX = number of characters to allow change, DX = start characters to change, ES:BP = identity data offset
    entry string (EGA+, means at least PC AT) AH=1pm AL=write mode, side BH=number, BL=color, CX=number of characters in company, DH=line, DL=column, ES:BP=line offset
    Set VESA compatible video modes from 640×480 to 1280×768 with 256 colors.