How To Fix Ms Vba Access Error 3078 Error

Here are some easy steps that can help you fix MS Access VBA error 3078.

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    Please wait a second to resolve MS Access Runtime Error 3078: “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot find the input table or query?” Well, in that case, this particular blog will surely help you a lot.

    The message contains the following improvements for this Microsoft Jet system error 3078.

    Let’s start a full discussion of one of the most common errors that users encounter in Microsoft Access, namely runtime errors 3078 “The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the table or query for input.”

    Practical Scenario:


    I have some help for someone looking at an app that has worked fine for a long time.
    It is an Access application that links directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • Since we installed SP2 in Office 2003, we received an error immediately after:

    Run-time error ‘3078’ The Microsoft Aircraft Database Engine cannot find the table with search hints or the query ‘Imported ABC (ruw)’

    And the debugger directs us to all of the following failed commands:

    DoCmd.RunSQL “SELECT * TO [imported ABC (ruw)] FROM [imported ABC MND3 (ruw)];”

    I don’t think Syntax or Codex can, as they have been working many years a week for several years ..

    Thanks for any suggestion


    If you also have a lot of problems with Access data store like above. But then skip to this post for full details of this runtime error 3078.

    Run-time Error 3078: Could Not Find Input Table Or Query

    What is runtime error 3078 in Microsoft Access?

    Well, runtime error 3078 occurs even though Microsoft Access crashes or crashes while running. This does not mean that the code is corrupted in any way, it just won’t work while it is running. This class of errors will show up as an important annoying notification on your screen until it’s resolved.

    In the meantime, while working with Access, you must have encountered various variations of similar errors. Microsoft Jet Information Error 3078, Microsoft Office Access cannot find the object, “Undetected database from myfile.mdb”, “Microsoft Jet cannot unlock the file … and so on.

    Well, runtime error 3078 occurs when Microsoft Access crashes or crashes, but it works. This does not mean that the code is damaged in any way, it just does not work while it is running. This type of error will show up as a problem notification on your screen if the idea is not resolved. Here are the symptoms, causes, and methods your body uses to resolve Access runtime error 3078.

    Error Information

    Name: Microsoft Office Access Database Engine cannot find your input table or query â € | â ‘
    Code: Error 3078

    The above error indicates that the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine may not find the input table or “|” may request. So make sure it exists and is spelled correctly or not.
    Software: Microsoft Access

    Before applying these fixes, read all of the information about a specific Access runtime error. Could not find record table 3078 above.

    Circumstances Under Which Runtime Error 3078 Occurs

    When someone logs into a company or links to an actually linked Microsoft table in Access, during that time, you may encounter the following error messages:

    Point of error 1

    • In Microsoft Access 2002
      • Microsoft Access cannot believe object ““.
      • Run-time error ‘7874’: Microsoft Access cannot find object ‘‘.
    • In Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft, and Office Access 2010
      • Microsoft Office Access cannot find object “” at this time.
      • Run-time error ‘7874’: Microsoft Office cannot access target ‘‘.

    Error message 2

    Microsoft Jet database servers cannot find an entry in the table when querying ““. Make sure it can be found and the name is correct.

    Error message 3

    The registration base “name>” specified on this form or story does not exist.

    What Causes MS Access Error 3078 – Could Not Find Table Or Input Query?

    How do I fix the update query in access is not working?

    If Access is complaining about an UPDATE query that contains a true JOIN, just save the query by setting the RecordsetType property to Dynaset (Inconsistent Updates). This means that every UPDATE may work sometimes. I would look at making an UPDATE query in Access.

    The main reason this error message is displayed is because Access cannot find a table or database search, refers to an external file and it also does not exist, or if this additional file has been moved to another place.

    Another very common cause of this single error is that the deleted or sometimes renamed table or query is mentioned in the Find tab in almost all other tables.

    Solutions To Fix MS Access Error 3078 – Table Or Query Not Found

    To resolve the error, try the following options listed below in this section:

    Solution 1 # Make sure the table or query exists, check it once. But if not, you can remove all links to access it. Or, if it is another missing table, or re-import, re-link the main table. Or if it’s a request, usually re-import or re-create the request.

    We often see that the RecordSou propertyThe rce of the form or statement contains a link to a table or blackjack query whose name has been reactivated or deleted.

    Solution 2 # If the query or table exists, it is also possible that the links have syntax or possibly misspelling so that you can do this. When you find it, correct the syntax or punctuation error in the reference.

    Solution 3 # When you try to open a table it contains, the original worksheet may not be in the path you specified when you followed the link. But when you have the target file, you really need to use the associated counter manager to update the website information.

    Use An Expert Solution:

    If the mentioned error causes your database or preferred access table query to be corrupted. So in this case, it’s best to actually recover your lost Access database items faster.

    While there are several ways to repair and restore an Access database, the Compact and Repair utilitydamaged. This built-in utility already creates the tool at the same time, and so on. However, it is not recommended to rely on this utility as these methods are effective in fixing minor corruption issues and many MS Access errors are coming from your Access database, it cannot resolve with this method.

    Access Repair N recovery software is the perfect recovery tool when you need an expert solution to serious Access database corruption problems. The created software is equipped with an advanced algorithm and can also recover virus-infected MS Access database files from copies of 2010, 2013, 2016 and older products. Since the software can easily recover, restore and restore corrupted / deleted / lost open ACCDB or MDB files, it somehow retains its originality.

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    Final Verdict:

    As mentioned above, the experts say this is normal, so you can run into errors in Microsoft Access too, so don’t panic if you get them. All you have to do is develop the correct method to resolve Microsoft Jet database error 3078. And I hope this blog has helped your organization in that direction.

    Also, if you and your family are facing data file corruption issue, try Access Repair N repair software to accurately recover and fix critical data caused by any type of damage. The software is also very good at debugging common Microsoft Access errors.

    Troubleshoot Microsoft Access
    Perform a database scan with Stellar Access Database Repair to fix inconsistent database access. After the scan completes, the recovery process will restorethe database back to normal to correct errors.

    ms access vba error 3078

    By clicking on the button and confirming the above installation of Stellar Repair for Access (14.8 MB, $ 79), I confirm that I have read and accept the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy for such sites. them.

    ms access vba error 3078

    Problems still resolved with this Access recovery tool:

    This software efficiently recovers all physical ACCDB / MDB files, including tables, reports, queries, records, paths and indexes, as well as modules, macros and other items.

    1. Download Stellar Repair for Access which has received an excellent rating on the Cnet network (download starts from this particular page).
    2. Click and review the search option to find the corrupted Access database.
    3. Directly click the “Restore” button to restore and view the body database.

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