Need To Get Rid Of Custom Ruby Error Types?

This user guide is designed to help you if you receive a Ruby Custom Error Types error message.

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      MyError Class  
      MyError, My Message Trigger 
      MyError Class  

    What are exceptions in Ruby?

    Classes are an exception, as are other Ruby factors! To create the final new type of exception, simply generate a class that inherits from StandardError or one of its children. By convention, new exceptions have class leaders ending in "Error".

      MyError Class  e  ation met.chose # "my thing"end 

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    Starr Horn is also Rubyist, the head of JavaScript at Honeybadger.io. When a girl is not very familiar with the mistakes of other people, she enjoys tinkering furniture with hand tools, traditionally reading a story and making cider in her garage in Seattle.

    Нужно избавиться от пользовательских типов ошибок Ruby?
    Potrzebujesz, Który Usunie Niestandardowe Typy Błędów Rubiego?
    Devi Eliminare I Tipi Di Errore Ruby Personalizzati?
    Müssen Sie Benutzerdefinierte Ruby-Fehltrittstypen Loswerden?
    맞춤형 Ruby 오류 유형을 제거해야 합니까?
    Wilt U Zich Ontdoen Van Onderscheidende Ruby-fouttypen?
    Besoin De Vous Débarrasser Des Types De Dérapage Ruby Personnalisés ?
    Precisa Se Livrar Dos Tipos De Erro Ruby Não Convencionais?
    Behöver Du Tid För Att Bli Av Med Anpassade Ruby-feltyper?
    ¿Necesitas Permitirles Que Se Deshagan De Los Tipos De Error Personalizados De Ruby?