How To Fix Ubuntu Mount.nfs Access Denied By Server?

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    You should read these methods of fixing when a server error on your PC prevents access to ubuntu mount.nfs.


    How do I mount a user with permission in NFS?

    Log in as the root cause (only root can mount the NFS export).Check the permissions by typing:Assign the appropriate owner to facts and records by typing:Assign appropriate permissions to files and folders by typing:Check the new read/write by typing:

    Frequently connecting an nfs share from a CentOS/RHEL NFS server to an NFS client results in errors mainly due to the following:

    You can try each mount command with a verbose option to get detailed information about the error associated with the issue.


    This is a common nfs client mount scenario that can also come up with a lot of details. Below are some of the most common problems.

    1. Try An NFSv3 Multipart Mount

    ubuntu mount.nfs access denied by server

    Sometimes the NFS server only supports nfsv3 connections. By default, each mount command uses NFSv4, which can directly lead to an error. To avoid this, specify NFSv3 when configuring the shared folder.

    2. Check /etc/exports For Share Change Options

    Make sure /etc/exports correctly specifies the potential NFS client information to grant access to. NFS Some servers require that the NFS client name is sometimes IP-resolvable, so it must be correct.Resolved via DNS or specifically in /etc/hosts of NFS devices. Format /etc/exports:

    Customer tracking options include (the defaults are described first):
    reading / reading :
    a) ro: Reserves read-only access to the real shared folder for clients.
    b) rw: Give happy clients read and write access for sharing.
    a) Synchronization: The NFS server responds to requests after it normally only writes changes made by previous requests to disk.
    b) asynchronous: specifies that the server does not need to wait.
    wdelay / no_wdelay
    a) wdelay: The NFS server delays committing write requests when it suspects another write request is imminent.
    b) no_wdelay: This parameter is used to disable the delay. The no_wdelay option can only be enabled by default if the sync option has always been enabled.
    no_all_squash / all_squash:
    a) no_all_squash: change the situation without changing the assignment of the remote user.
    b): all_squash to kill all remote users, including root.
    root_squash – no_root_squash :
    a) root_squash: not allowedPrevent remote root-in-touch users from starting to use root. Efficient removal of removed root privileges.
    b) no_root_squash! ! ! Disable overwriting the root directory.

    3. Check NFS Server Permissions

    How do I fix mount NFS access denied by server while mounting?

    Try mounting via NFSv3. Sometimes the NFS server only supports NFSv3 connections.Check /etc/exports for optimal sharing options. Make sure /etc/exports correctly points to the correct NFS user information to allow access.Pr Trust the permissions of the NFS server.Using tcpdump.

    – There may be a problem with the NFS server share that contains the NFS share. Try mounting the hard share to a different NFS client, which prevents propagation to NFS servers.
    – Set the “car” permission (ro,no_root_squash,sync) for the nfs export associated with the server and run the command:

    How do I mount in NFS v3?

    Step one: install an NFS server.Step 2: Set up the domain used for NFS (optional)Step 3: Set up NFS export.Step 4: Set up a firewall for NFS.Step 5: Launch and enable NFS packages.Step 6: NFS export detection.Step 7: Mount the exported file system on the client.

    Try mounting the web directory of the NFS share. For example, if specifying an NFS client in /etc/exports by domain or host name ensures that the domain name matches the correct IP address, an incorrect entry in /etc/hosts can result in access being denied. .

    4. Using Tcpdump

    In particularly rare cases, you may need to use tcpdump to collect a tcpdump mount operation. Run the first specific command below to start extracting network packets. In another terminal, start the NFS mount operation.

    # locate -t ​​nfs x.x.x.x:/share /mntmount.nfs: access denied while mounting server x.x.x.x:/share
    # terminate Nfs -t -vvvv server.example.com:/share /mntmount.nfs: Timeout for many fr march sets trying to find 17:56:57 2018mount.nfs: test text options 'vers=4.1,addr=x.x.x.x,clientaddr=x.x.x.x'mount.nfs: mount(2): unsupported protocolmount.nfs: select test text 'vers=4.0,addr=x.x.x.x,clientaddr=x.x.x.x'mount.nfs: mount(2): unsupported protocolmount.nfs: run text options 'addr=x.x.x.x'mount.nfs: prog 100003, version=3, build prot=6mount.nfs: try x.x.x.x prog 100003 on 3 prot tcp interface 2049mount.prog nfs: 100005, try vers=3, prot=17mount.nfs:x.x.x.x 100005 program for three or prot UDP port 300 buymount.nfs: mount(2): permission deniedmount.nfs: access denied during server expansion server.example.com:/share
    # mount Nfs -t -o nfsvers=3 x.x.x.x:/share /mnt
    client1 (options) directory [client2(options)...]
    # /etc/exports target/test nfs_client(rw)

    How do I access NFS share in Ubuntu?

    Step 1: Create an elevation point for the joy directory on the NFS server. Our first step ends with the fact that it is important to create a mount point directory on the client system.Step: Mount the NFS Shared Server service on the client.Step 3: Check the NFS share.

    # tcpdump -s0 -i [eth#] provider [nfs_server_ip] /tmp/tcpdump -w.pcap
    machineA B C

    and on all of these machines that have Ubuntu 12.04 installed and against each other, I have root access to all of these three machines.

    Now I’ll do it The following things on these machines above –

    Create mount area /opt/exhibitor/confMount the directory on all devices. sudo mount :/opt/exhibitor/conf /opt/exhibitor/conf/

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • I definitely created the /opt/exhibitor/conf directory on all three machines as mentioned above.

    Now I’m trying to create a meaningful mount point. So I followed the following process –

    Install the NFS system files and the NFS kernel server using the above three machines

    ubuntu mount.nfs access denied by server

    $ sudo apt-get install nfs-common nfs-kernel-server
    $ mkdir /opt/exhibitor/conf/

    Changed the main file /etc/exports and added get like this on 3 machines ago –

    # /etc/exports: like filesystem ACLs, what is allowed to be exported# for NFS clients. See export(5).## Example for NFSv2 and NFSv3:# /srv/homes hostname1(rw,sync,no_subtree_check) hostname2(ro,sync,no_subtree_check)## Example for NFSv4:# /srv/nfs4 gss/krb5i(rw,sync,fsid=0,crossmnt,no_subtree_check)# /srv/nfs4/homes gss/krb5i(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)#/opt/exponent/conf/ (RW)/opt/exponent/conf/ten.66.138.181(rw)/opt/exhibitor/conf/10.66.138.Got 183(rw)

    I tried to mount machine A affected as shown below from machine B and also from machine C and it gives plnot a clear error-

    [email protected]:/# sudo mount -t nfs /opt/exhibitor/conf/mount.nfs: access denied by server design and[email protected]:/# sudo -t in brackets nfs /opt/exhibitor/conf/mount.nfs: Access denied by host mount and

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