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    Hi, I’m buying utorrent 3.3.1 (build 29963) 32-bit version for Windows XP. Whenever I try to download an active torrent which has a file size of about 7.5 GB, the real torrent shows an error popup saying “One or more files exceed the system file size limit, these MP3 files cannot be properly saved.” The YES button just in case, after which the torrent will start downloading and after a few minutes it will stop, as it should.


    Case 1: The problem is with the secondary hard drive or your own removable drive.

    That is, not everything you create will load. Things are usually quite simple here: right-click on the icon of a specific drive in “Computer”, then select “Format”. A pop-up window similar to the following will appear:

    Notice the second option “File system”. Yours will definitely sayFAT32. Change this to NTFS and click start. It will take some time. Note that many older operating systems and/or flash drives may not have the “NTFS” method. In that case check this http://Download-Utility:.cnet.com/HP-USB-Disk-Storage-Format-Tool/3000-2094_4-10974082.html

    This is the drive that also contains your operating system. Bad news. You must go through a perfect format and then perform a clean installation of the operating system. You need to find your operating system installation CD, reboot, press F8 when your screen becomes available, then select “Boot from CD/DVD”. When prompted, press any key and after a while you will be in the installation menu. The rest may change slightly depending on the operating system you are using, but eventually you will be prompted to install the operating system. Note that since Vista, Windows systems format files in NTFS by default. For example, if you are using Windows XP, you will see:

    From there, select your first drive and press D. This will delete your partition and change it to marked space on it. Now go to C to get the components screen:

    Select the highlighted option and you’re done. Now complete the rest of the installation and you’re done, this will help. met

    I often have this problem when I try to upload particularly large files. If I still try to download the torrent, I get the message “One or more files exceed the file system’s measurement limit. These files could not be saved correctly. Do you still want to continue?” If “Choose my spouse” and I confirm “Yes”, the download still starts, but eventually I get another error message saying that the file size exceeds the file system size limit and some downloads stop immediately. I have no problem downloading very large torrents after they’ve been split into most of the smaller files, but downloading the smaller file exclusively seems hopeless and as I said I’ve tried this with a number of large torrents and got the same result . eachtimes.

    Well, I’m not the most tech-savvy person, but I still feel like I can’t solve this problem by changing a few settings in BitTorrent. That being said, if anyone finds a way to fix this bad behavior, their help would be greatly appreciated.

    Aiuta A Creare Un Errore Di Limite Della Dimensione Del Torrent
    Helfen Sie Mit, Maßnahmen Zur Behebung Des Torrent-Größenbeschränkungsfehlers Zu Ergreifen
    Help Bij Het Oplossen Van Een Fout In De Grootte Van De Bit-torrent-grootte
    Ajude A Corrigir O Erro De Limite De Tamanho Do Torrent
    Справка, в которой вы можете увидеть ошибку ограничения размера торрента
    토렌트 크기 축소 오류 수정에 도움
    Ayuda A Tomar Medidas Para Corregir El Error De Límite De Tamaño De Torrent
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    Aide à Corriger L’erreur De Diminution De La Taille Du Torrent