Troubleshooting Visual Studio 2010 Win32 Preprocessor Definitions

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    In this blog post, we’ll identify some potential causes that could lead to visual Studio 2010 Win32 preprocessor definitions and then provide some possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    Is Win32 defined for x64?

    _WIN32 and WIN64 The _WIN32 expression is by definition compile-time to indicate that this is your Windows (32-bit) compilation. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, it is also intended for 64-bit compilation.

    It’s important to note that the underlined only versions of each of these preprocessor definitions refer to the main difference between 32-bit and 64-bit machines. Versions

    How does Visual Studio define preprocessor directives?

    The code data layer is a startup entry combined with a #define FLAG file.Project level. Right-click on the project displayed in the project in Solution Explorer, select Properties, then Build, then Case, and view the value of Conditional Compilation.

    The _WIN32 and _WIN64 flagships are probably built-in programs tied to a real CPU-intensive computer running VC++. On your 32-bit machine, _WIN32 is still defined (the logged-in user doesn’t need to pronounce it), _WIN64 is but undefined. On a 64-bit machine, _WIN64 must always be installed and an optional _WIN32 may be installed, but the code uses _WIN64 to determine if the machine shipped is 64-bit. No

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  • The underlined WIN32 is poorly documented and doesn’t seem to affect Type 32 compared to Machine from la 64. Standard visual designs for c++ Windows almost always doesn’t use things (this may not depend on the world). Many thanks to Pour btj for pointing this out.

    How do you define Win32?

    it is the main development Windows API (application programming interface) for 32-bit applications. It has been used for centuries for Windows 95, Windows 95, Windows NT and newer Windows productivity systems. This means that any user of Windows 95 or later can run 32 -bit applications on one computer.

    Another valid note for Visual Studio: if you run Visual Studio on a machine that is 64-bit but also select Win32 and x64 installation configurations, you will find that WIN32 overrides the installed Win32 configuration installed but not specified for the x64 build. tune. Doesn’t this affect the purpose of the browser object/binary, for example. 32 vs 64. Its purpose is unclear. This can often be done for simplicity if one wants to use it to #ifdef some components of the source code which will no doubt be compiled differently for X86 and X64, but again this does not affect the architecture the compiler is targeting. . the compiler, the target architecture is determined by the set of tools, the acquired “platform” is mainly chosen according to the task of the project. The linker also has a /MACHINE argument such as /MASCHINE:X86.

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    visual studio 2010 preprocessordefinitions win32

    Have you introduced the _WIN32 and _WIN64 macros? If you have specified all the parameters correctly (see P.S.), you should not modify your wonderful code. In a 64 decision, _WIN32 bits and _WIN64 each must be defined. The _WIN32 macro indicates that Win32 can be used, and the _win64 API macro describes this compilation for 64-bit tools, and macros for Itanium (_M_IA64) and x86-64 (_M_AMD64) can also be used. See MSDN for more information.

    How do I set preprocessor definitions in Visual Studio?

    Open a chat window on the project’s property pages.PropertiesSelect Configurations > C/C++ Preprocessor > Property Page.Open the drop-down menu for most properties. “Definitions Select preprocessor” and edit it.

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